The Kinsey Institute is the academic HQ in the US for all things sex/sexuality research. They recently put together almost every sex survey and study done ever in a huge meta study database. It's great for research, if you want to know what single Muslim male Germans are up to, you can now see what they've ever been asked. For me however the headline was the fact that one of the groups of people in the world reporting the fewest orgasms are:
Married White American cis-gendered Females
   Only 38% of this group reports having regular orgasms. This is from a compilation of dozens of studies and thousands of responses since it's a large demographic and one that can be surveyed about sex. Regular for this distinction was 1 (or more) orgasms a MONTH! That means 62% of white married women are having less than that on average, 2/3rds almost! It also indicated that almost 10% of this population indicate having never had an orgasm ever.
   Now in America there is a narrative that our Puritan roots have led to frigid, uptight women who just pretend to like sex and that once married they can give up the pretense. That sex it a duty of being a wife instead of a pleasurable feature. But I think based on this information, we're having the wrong discussion. It's not that married white women aren't into sex, is that they're having bad sex! And where's the good in that?

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