the Case for Saturday Morning Cartoons

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   So as modern parents we know that screen time is evil. It's some sort of sin to turn on the TV or hand your kids an IPad. However, I will argue there might be a time and a place for it (like most things in this world).
   On a morning with your partner at home, do NOT feel guilty about planting your kids in front of Octonauts with sippy cups and going upstairs. Some kids, of the baby or toddler age are too young for this (but one day you will get here), and for older the kids it might be allowing video games or some other screen. The beauty is that if you're fairly stringent with screens most of the time this will better ensure your privacy. Make sure the volume is at least medium, lock your door, and have some sex. Sex that isn't at the end of the day when both of you are tired. Let screen time be your friend (at least for a little).

parentingAdrienne Dahms